About me and the book (coming soon) Unquit Art

Kirsteen Lyons-Benson BA (Hons) has been trying to help people with art all her life. She is so often told, "Oh, you are an artist, I wish I could do that but..." by the people she meets. She tries to help with this. She has taught workshops, run craft fairs, made businesses and written blogs all the help with this. At last she thinks she has the answer. A book to help any artist or beginner do more art. Unquit Art the book is also a personal campaign to help people be happier through creation. You can read the art tips and you can add to the book, with sketches, lists, song lyrics, tickets from inspiring places....it's your book! Kirsteen starts you off and then you create it.
Please feel free to photo and share the pages you create, Kirsteen will do her best to look at them all. Use the hashtag #unquitart
A blog with more art and more helpful tips can be found at www.unquit.art


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